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About KTC's after sales service system

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To develop the best tools in the world, KTC created nepros, born by reviewing all materials, design, and production facilities.

nepros concept book nepros concept book

After sales service

Parts supply service

Sales of maintenance parts that can be replaced and repaired by customers.

Repair service

Charged repair service for goods to be repaired in accordance with our company regulations. (Parts cost, repair cost, freight cost will be charged.)

Calibration service

We calibrate measurement instruments such as a torque wrench and issue certificates of calibration for a fee.

*1 Requests to be made at the product dealer's store.
*2 Supply of some parts may be restricted due to safety / quality control reasons.

Quality assurance

In case if our product with the KTC or NEPROS mark has lost functionality due to material or manufacturing problems, or where the plating has come off other than by wear, we will repair or replace the product with an equivalent product.
* The following items are not eligible for our quality assurance

  • Consumables - Products that use wearable parts, such as the inward turning tools (screw driver, hexagon head screw driver and TORX driver), pliers (nippers, pliers and pinchers), and gears. Also other products that constantly wear as they age.
  • Damage that is caused by any other factors than problems in the product material and manufacturing process. Damage that is caused by inappropriate use or negligence.
  • Wear, breakage or deformation of the product caused by hard hitting with a hammer or the like.
  • Damage that is caused by repairs or modifications made by the user or a third party.
  • Damage that is caused by application of an excessive load beyond the one that the product is designed for.
  • Damage that is caused by fire or natural disaster.
  • Damage that is caused by wear as a result of use in a production line.
  • Differences due to product model change or design change.
Examples of inappropriate use
  • Wear, breakage or deformation caused by use of hand tools with power tools such as an impact wrench.
  • Breakage or deformation caused by the use of couplings or pipes.
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  • Please lodge your inquiry through the dealer you purchased the product from.